Keep a blank piece of paper and pen near you and write the time and location from which you are participating.

  1. Begin by meditating on pure white radiant light. Relax into the natural state releasing your thoughts with the out breath.
  2. Attune to meditator TAISIA (see photo below) who will be acting as operator of the Kozyrev’s Mirrors in Novosibirsk (ISRICA)

    Meditator TAISIA at Kozyrev Mirror lab in Russia, Novosibirsk (ISRICA)


  3. At 12pm UTC we will transmit the holomind perceiver image (shown below) to Valum Votan for 5 minutes. Focus on transmitting each symbol with full concentration.(please consult your local time @
  4. After this we will open to receive incoming images from Valum Votan for 5 minutes. Register your impressions on paper and make a digital scan or take a picture of your notes. Make sure the time and location are legible.
  5. Please fill in the form at and send with attached scans or photos of drawings of the received images as soon as possible, no later than 3 days after the meditation. Please, don’t forget to attach to the form the electronic photo (or scan) of your received symbols (images).
  6. Results from this and previous telepathic experiments will be presented soon.
    Holomind perceiver image to be transmitted

    Holomind perceiver image to be transmitted

    Thank you for your participation!
    Alexander Trofimov—Yellow Electric Seed.